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Artist Mark Samsonovich had his first professional animation job on indie film 'We the Animals'.  He created powerful animated sequences that really pushed the film to another level.

Whilst on this project Josh Banville wrote and directed a 3-minute short 'Animationism'.  It's a short video about Samsonovich struggling to adjust to being a full-time professional animator.  Although it was originally created as a marketing piece for the larger film 'We the Animals', the short film has merit in its own right.

Watch the short here:

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St Patrick's Day

It’s St Patrick’s Day this Sunday and we all know that’s the perfect excuse to relax with a pint (or more…!) of Guinness.

Linux vs Windows


If you've read previous blog posts, you'll know we are big fans of Linux and open-source. All of our back-end infrastructure is Linux/Unix and has been since we started the company. Our back-end hasn't changed much recently with our servers running a variant of Linux (CentOS) and our networking and storage servers running variants of BSD.

We have started to move towards working under CentOS with all of our 3D pipeline now running under Linux, but our 2D pipeline is still reliant on Windows. The reason for both of these is pragmatic. Our 3D software / pipeline works better under Linux as it handles larger data-sets faster and more reliably than Windows. Windows however works well for smaller file sizes and the software stack for 2D is better. However our artists are unaware of the differences and it has been relatively painless from their perspective. Windows and Linux both provide excellent desktops for users, with most of the software they are reliant on being cross-platform. However from an system administrator perspective Linux works much better for our needs and is easier to manage.




Who doesn’t love pancake day?!

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St David's Day

Happy St David’s Day to our Welsh friends

Enjoy your day of daffodils, dragons and leeks!

Animator vs. Animation - Present Day

Last week we posted about the original ‘Animator vs. Animation’ video from 2006.

Well it turns out they’ve recently created a new animation keeping the original feel but embracing some new, more modern techniques.

This time the animator and his stickman creation team up to fight a computer virus that threats to take hold of the whole machine.

Warmth Bloom

A sky speed painting trying to get used to painting clouds more.


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Animator vs. Animation

There's a bit of a blast from the past with this post.  Some may remember, some may never have seen, but recently in the office we were reminded of the 'Animator vs. Animation' video. 

This animation was originally made in 2006 by Alan Becker.  It was created entirely with Adobe Flash and has since had many sequels.

As with any good story, the animation still stands today and is well worth a watch, especially if you've never seen it before:

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Be Mine?

Happy Valentines Day!

iMe is out and about spreading love and happiness.

If you’ve got any plans tonight have a great time!


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BioWare ditches “new” facial animation technology

Mass Effect is a beloved sci-fi rpg franchise with the first installment releasing back in 2007, 10 years on and in 2017 released the fourth sequel “Mass Effect: Andromeda” during development the team behind the game decided to adopt new animation and rigging technology to create more realistic facial animations, however the work that needed to be done to complete these animations were “shipped” off to an external company the work was completed on time, however the final result of these new “improved” facial animation we’re more uncanny valley and unrealistic.


(Image - copyright Mass Effect: Andromeda - BioWare, 2017)

After online and social media backlash on the terrible quality offered in final release of the game, Bioware have opted out of using “new and improved” facial scanned animations and decided to work with classic  motion capture for they’re upcoming sci-fi action adventure game “Anthem” set to release in February 2019


(Image - copyright Anthem - BioWare, 2019)

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Art by Ash

The Ember Fort

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Chinese New Year!


It’s Chinese New Year today and 2019 is the year of the pig!

If you’re celebrating tonight have a great time.

The Carse & Waterman Team

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is a tricky game to play, not necessarily due to difficulty but rather due to the wild nature of it’s cooperative gameplay. The experience involves the player alongside up to 3 others attempting to maniacally work together in order to clear each level, or in this case each kitchen. The key to obtaining a good score comes from having each player communicate in real time in order to collectively function together as a well oiled machine, for example this could involve one person cleaning dishes while the others cut, cook and plate respectively.

Image: Ghost Town Games (c)

Image: Ghost Town Games (c)

It is however a lot easier said than done; the combination of having a restrictive time limit, being forced to work in tight spaces, stopping food from being burned etc, makes the game incredibly challenging. This is where good communication shines as having a bulletproof strategy can transform the experience from being a frustrating one to being one that is incredibly rewarding and engaging. This satisfaction can be felt when returning to earlier levels with a battle hardened crew, levels that were once taxing and burdensome become childsplay as the player and their team breeze through them.

That’s where the joy from Overcooked comes from, perfecting your communication skills with your team as well as finding and implementing a system for each level to have it work flawlessly. While the game has as potential to draw ire and resentment based on how each person’s respective party are like, the gratification from working together and solving problems as a team cannot be understated, it’s definitely a game worth checking out if you’re seeking for a good time or even a team building exercise that pushes you to your limits.

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Once Upon A Time In London

For the past few months we’ve been working on the VFX for new film ‘Once Upon A Time In London’, directed by Simon Rumley. The film dramatises the violent reign of two of London's most notorious gangsters.

We’ve finally had our first glimpse of the poster! We’re very excited to see it in cinemas April 2019.


Happy Birthday


Well Adam, one year older and no longer the youngest in the team - welcome to true adulthood!

We hope you have a great day and make the most of your birthday weekend.

The Carse & Waterman Team

Streets of Rage 4 - An Art Revolution

In 1994 Street Of Rage 3 hit shelf stores around the world, since then many games have come and gone as fans eagerly awaited the sequel. Finally in 2018 Streets of Rage 4 was announced with a beautifully animated trailer that piqued a great deal of interest amongst many internet communities. The trailer demonstrated a radical departure from the franchise’s previous artstyle, gone is the action movie hyper-masculine/semi-realistic aesthetic instead being replaced with a stylishly slick contemporary design that embodies the nostalgia associated with 80s ‘Retrowave’.

(Image: Streets of Rage 3 vs Streets of Rage 4)

(Image: Streets of Rage 3 vs Streets of Rage 4)

The trailer features incredible digital 2D animation that oozes with appeal, while maintaining that classic ‘edge’ that made brawlers so distinctive when they were at the peak of their popularity.

Lizardcube (the team in charge) demonstrated their artistic flair and talent with the similarly exceptional visual treat that was the 2017 Wonderboy remake. Seeing them taking a well-loved (and seemingly dead) franchise and reintroducing it to modern audiences in the 21st century is a fantastic step to take. Here’s hoping that Lizardcube get the chance to bring back some other classics. They’ve certainly shown their aptitude with their last release as well as this.

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We love any excuse to indulge on food, especially if it’s linked to the cinema experience in some way. It’s National Popcorn Day tomorrow so we’ll be making the most of it by watching films and shovelling lots of this tasty treat in our faces - guilt free!

National Hat Day

Today, across the pond, is National Hat Day!

One of our high school interns Jessica created a drawing especially for the occasion. She was inspired by Fievel from ‘An American Tail’ and his impressive hat!

Also during her time with us she designed a poster for a potential Stoke film festival. Her key references were Audrey Hepburn and pop art. We think she did a great job!