Ashley Ageing

It unfortunately happens to the best of us but we’re sure Ash will celebrate in style. Today is the birthday of arguably the most interesting member of our team. Guaranteed to have an interesting story to tell after every weekend, we can’t wait to hear what he gets up to whilst celebrating.

Happy Birthday Ash


Mental Health Animations

Mental health is a subject that is unfortunately so easy to ignore and rarely gets talked about. Fortunately this subject is starting to get the recognition and publicity it needs and deserves.

Animation students at the Institute of Art, Design & Technology (IADT) have used research conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) to create a series of 5 animations touching on different mental health themes.

The animations have been designed to raise awareness of the many different areas mental health can affect in someones life. They are primarily aimed at young people to encourage them to ask for help from others if they experience any of the feelings or thoughts mentioned in the videos.

Read more about this & see all five videos -

Here’s the Anxiety animation (copyright IADT &


Happy Birthday to Janine, our extremely talented animator!

It’s her birthday over the weekend & we hope she has a great time.

Kinetic Sculptures

Theo Jansen creates huge wind-powered sculptures.  His sculptures are very lightweight, pieced together using plastic pipes and cable ties.  He has such a perfect understanding of movement that they appear incredibly life-like.  He sets them off across beaches and they will happily walk for miles.

Animators also need this understanding of movement and anatomy.  They may be tasked with animating something that at first glance does not look human or believable.  They need to apply their skills to keep the object acting and reacting in a realistic way.  That is key to having an audience not question the authenticity of a character.


Dan's Old Too

It’s Daniel’s birthday today and as we used a somewhat embarrassing photo for Gary’s birthday blog post we felt it only fair to do the same for today.

Here’s Dan sporting a bandage for his head injury - it explains a lot!


In case anyone is actually concerned, he wasn’t really injured, it was just our company first aid training!

St George's Day

It’s St George’s Day and we’re feeling patriotic. We may not have Guinness, haggis or dragons like our neighbours but we do have big feasts, dancing and red roses!

We hope you enjoy your celebrations tonight.



Today is Good Friday and the start of Easter celebrations for many.

We hope you enjoy your time with family and friends.

Don’t eat too much chocolate…


Art by Ash

Sunset of Crow Fracture


See more artwork at:

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Check out more artwork at -

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Gary's Getting Old

Happy Birthday to Gary our Creative Director. He’s changed a lot in the past few years…


Mother & Daughter

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday so we need to say a big thank you to our mothers, grandmothers and female role models for supporting us in all we do. Their guidance has helped shape who we are today.

Here’s a charming mother and daughter animation created by Helena Eslon using traditional hand-drawn techniques.

Did You Know?

Did you know the Michelin man has a dog? I had no idea until recently!


A few years ago the dog, known as Bubbles, appeared in an American television advertisement after getting lost one stormy night. Understandably this caused Bibendum (the Michelin man) to go out searching for his canine friend. Like all good stories it has happy ending of course and the two are reunited ready to go on more adventures.

Art by Ash


See more artwork at:

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Artist Mark Samsonovich had his first professional animation job on indie film 'We the Animals'.  He created powerful animated sequences that really pushed the film to another level.

Whilst on this project Josh Banville wrote and directed a 3-minute short 'Animationism'.  It's a short video about Samsonovich struggling to adjust to being a full-time professional animator.  Although it was originally created as a marketing piece for the larger film 'We the Animals', the short film has merit in its own right.

Watch the short here:

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St Patrick's Day

It’s St Patrick’s Day this Sunday and we all know that’s the perfect excuse to relax with a pint (or more…!) of Guinness.

Linux vs Windows


If you've read previous blog posts, you'll know we are big fans of Linux and open-source. All of our back-end infrastructure is Linux/Unix and has been since we started the company. Our back-end hasn't changed much recently with our servers running a variant of Linux (CentOS) and our networking and storage servers running variants of BSD.

We have started to move towards working under CentOS with all of our 3D pipeline now running under Linux, but our 2D pipeline is still reliant on Windows. The reason for both of these is pragmatic. Our 3D software / pipeline works better under Linux as it handles larger data-sets faster and more reliably than Windows. Windows however works well for smaller file sizes and the software stack for 2D is better. However our artists are unaware of the differences and it has been relatively painless from their perspective. Windows and Linux both provide excellent desktops for users, with most of the software they are reliant on being cross-platform. However from an system administrator perspective Linux works much better for our needs and is easier to manage.




Who doesn’t love pancake day?!

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