The key to a great ‘explainer-video’ is finding an interesting way of visually portraying an idea.


What is it?

Have you ever tried explaining the flavour of a cake? Well explaining Pathology or the science behind plughole unblockers isn’t any easier (and you can’t just eat those!). Put simply, an explainer video is a quick and easy visual explanation of any given topic.  


Why are they good?

Visuals are far more engaging for an individual (and far more memorable too) and can really help supplement a written or verbal explanation. Making complex topics accessible to all is crucial if we are to spread knowledge effectively and explainer videos can do just that. A visual analogy or animated diagram can illustrate a point in seconds which is great when you’re living in a world where people have less and less time. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a specific target market. What works for a child may not work for an older person and vice-versa. Animation can cater to all ages , simultaneously and because images are universally understood language doesn’t have to a barrier either!

AT&T Infographic.png

How can one be used?

Explainer-videos can be used to serve a multitude of purposes, (i.e. Explaining how gravity works, explaining how a global business is reshuffling its offices, explaining how sugar is harvested and refined for food) and are particularly effective when communicating complex topics to a mass audience.

How much does it cost?

Buying an animated video is like buying a car. You need to come into the studio with a budget in mind before we can really start moving. As a ballpark, you can go as low as £1000 per minute, but it all depends on 3 key factors:

1. How long will the video be? (We recommend staying between 30 - 90 seconds)

2. What style of animation are we using? (it takes longer to draw detailed infographics than it does to keep things simple)

3. What's happening in it? (Usually we’ll help you plan out the animation, but if you do want to bring your own ideas, be aware they could be costly).

Want to see some examples? Have a look in our video gallery!