Health and Safety, if presented badly, can be really dull! Finding fresh and engaging ways to give people this crucial information is hard, but animation can be a great solution.


Entertain, Engage, explain.

Its best to keep things entertaining and that doesn’t mean it has to be comical, just interesting enough to hold a person’s attention. Engaging people is the first hurdle, then you can make your point clearly and in an interesting way.

Verbal explanations are great for people that don’t read well and a textbook (with diagrams) is good for study, but animated videos can offer the best of both worlds. A typical animated video will have a voice over explaining things audibly, whilst animated infographics explain things visually. They can always skip back to different parts of the video or rewatch the video for revision purposes.

We always look for clear and interesting ways to present information so that people don’t just ‘get it’, they remember it.


Keep it bite-sized

The human attention span is a fickle thing, (especially if the information isn't very compelling) so it's best to keep things bite-sized. We find 30 to 90 second videos are all you need to make a point clearly. That's not to say longer videos aren't effective, you just need to keep it interesting (and avoiding waffling!).


CRYSTAL clear information

We all know what it’s like to be misinformed, but when it comes to Health and Safety we can’t afford any confusion. Having accessible ‘tent-pole’ videos online is a great way of keeping everyone in sync. Unsure what the rules were? Don’t ask Bob. Check the videos on the website!


Language Barriers

A lot of our clients have global teams who often speak in different languages. It's our job to make sure they can all benefit from the same videos. It's a challenging prospect, but with strong visuals it is possible to make a video work with the sound switched off (Think of Tom and Jerry cartoons. Did they ever need to say anything for you to understand what was going on?) and there's always subtitles too to make sure things can be understood.

Visitors on site

Visitors can watch a quick video before entering a site or work place.

Learning Management Systems

We’ve found our animations work very well as part of a broader LMS strategy (Learning Management System). We don’t make LMS ourselves, but one of our neighbouring businesses do and we’ve both found plenty of advantages to putting our services together for clients that need a full-service solution.


Animation doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it is a good idea to come to the table with a budget in mind. It’s like buying a car. We know a Punto is cheaper than a Ferrari, but there are all sorts of bells and whistles involved that can affect the price. Animation is the same, but rather than bells and whistles, its characters, backgrounds and other content that make a big difference.

You can buy a 1-minute animation for £1000 if you make cost-effective choices, which is why we always offer to plan your animation with you, to avoid costly mistakes.


Put simply, the price is determined by the duration of the video and its contents. We have put together a price guide with a ‘per minute’ rate over three categories, Bronze, Silver and Gold, to try and make life easier for people. You can view that here.

If you’re still unsure just drop us an email or give us ring. We like discussing new business, believe it or not!

For more information about costing, click here.