These days marketing is all about standing out, being entertaining and leaving people with a good impression.


Stand out!

Standing out doesn’t have to be hard. With a bit of style, colour, and pizzazz, people will notice you and being noticed is half the battle!

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We can all remember a good marketing campaign we’ve seen. Remember the Chewits dinosaur? Or the Frosties tiger? Or even Pudsey bear? The animated characters have nothing to do with their products, they’re just interesting and memorable! We all know that good marketing isn't just about generating instant leads out of thin air. It's about planting that memorable seed. Nobody thinks about insurance until theirs is due to expire. Then suddenly they think: ‘MEERKAT!’.

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Social Media Marketing

Twitter’s home screen, Facebook’s News Feed, even Snapchat’s filter menu are all a marketeer’s playing field now - but it's the one with the most interesting content that gets the traction. It's amazing how much a GIF can increase interaction, especially a custom GIF with interesting content. Even better, a great series of 10-second videos can boost engagement like nothing else. Any animated content can become multi purpose. An animated infographic on Facebook can become an image on the side of a mug or an animated gif on twitter.

Nobody thinks about insurance until theirs is due to expire. Then suddenly they think: ‘MEERKAT!’

Animation can work with any brand

Animation can accommodate and compliment any brand because it's got so much variation. As you can see below, Dell’s animated marketing is very ‘corporate’ compared to Linked In’s, but both companies are held in high esteem.

How much will it cost?

Animation doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it is a good idea to come to the table with a budget in mind. It’s like buying a car. We know a Punto is cheaper than a Ferrari, but there are all sorts of bells and whistles involved that can affect the price. Animation is the same, but rather than bells and whistles, its characters, backgrounds and other content that make a big difference.

You can buy a 1 minute animation for £1000, if you make cost effective choices, which is why we offer to plan your animation with you, to avoid costly mistakes.

Put simply, the cost is determined by the duration of the video and its contents. So we have put together a price guide with a ‘per minute’ rate over three categories, Bronze Silver and Gold, to try and make life easier for people.

If you’re still unsure just drop us an email or give us ring. We like discussing new business, believe it or not!