It's hard to find a successful brand today that hasn’t been spiced up with animation.


How animation can work for business?

Animation can bring businesses to life with its eye-catching social media potential, its clarity in internal communications and its pizzazz for all kinds of marketing.

It's not what is being presented, it’s how it is being presented, that counts!


Internal communications

The very nature of business means it’s changing all the time and where there’s change, there needs to be good communication. That can be easier said than done if a business employs 1000+ people around the world - which is where animation comes in. Animation offers a very effective way of getting a clear message to a large number of people. Bite-sized videos can be accessed easily at anytime. The visual nature of animation means language doesn’t have to be a barrier. There is also the added benefit of having multiple voice overs produced in different languages.


Health and Safety

Health and Safety is something every business needs to prioritise. Animation offers an accessible and entertaining approach to these essential workplace rules. Bite-sized videos can underpin a larger presentation for staff, or stand alone as as a welcome video which visitors watch before they enter your place of work.



These days marketing is all about standing out, being entertaining and leaving people with a memorable impression. Standing out doesn’t have to be difficult, with a bit of style, colour and energy; people will notice you - and being noticed is half the battle!


Mascots are a great way to personify a brand. They can speak directly to people in a way no logo or slogan can. A mascot’s design can be based on the brand guidelines and they can literally speak in the right tone of voice for communications.


You can buy a 60 second animation for £1000 if you make cost effective choices, which is why we always offer to plan your animation with you to avoid costly mistakes.

Put simply, the cost is determined by the duration of the video and its contents. To try and make life easier we have put together a price guide with a ballpark rate over three categories; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

If you’re still unsure just pop by, drop us an email or give us ring.

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