We always want to hear from fresh new talent  

We prefer to receive speculative applications.  

This means we don't miss out on talented artists just because a job opening isn't listed.  

It also allows us to place you where we feel your strengths lie, provided that's an area you're interested in of course!

What To Send


Make sure information is up-to-date.
List which programmes you use.
Let us know the area you specialise in or whether you're a generalist & your availability.
You need to have full UK working rights, we unfortunately can't sponsor visa applications.

A Showreel

Should be no more than 2 minutes.
Was it independent or group work - what were you responsible for?
Breakdown work that's on it & tell us how you did it.
(eg. Modellers show wireframe turnarounds. Compositors show mattes & passes.)

All showreels will be kept on our database so even if we can't place you straight away we may be in touch for future projects.

For security reasons we no longer accept hard copies so please email:


Helpful Tips

We are primarily a 3D animation company, although welcome applications from any discipline.

The main software we use in-house is the Adobe Suite, Maya, Houdini, Redshift / Renderman & Nuke (we hope to use Katana in the near future).  You do not need to know this exact software as the skills are transferable but knowledge of similar programmes is necessary.

Here are some tips for our most frequent vacancies:

3D Generalist

Your showreel should include: all general 3D tasks such as modelling, animation, texturing, lighting & rendering.  We understand that your knowledge of some areas will be less than others but we need to be confident that you could take a project from start to finish with minimal involvement from others.  You need to be comfortable with the technical side of 3D as well as artistic.  Knowledge of programming (eg. mel, python) would be a bonus so if you've got it be sure to include it on your CV!

3D Character Animator

Your showreel should include: a variety of animation styles using a mixture of different characters.  A selection of walk cycles for both bipeds and quadrupeds is always a good start.  Be sure to show full body animation as well as specialised facial animation, really getting across the feelings of the character.  Prove that you understand the principles of animation, can create strong character poses and recognise great staging.  

Lighting TD

Your showreel should include: several examples of lighting for animation.  We mainly work on character animations rather than still images so need to know you can tailor a set-up to be as efficient as possible.  Due to our wide range of work you need to show both physically plausible and stylised shading under various lighting conditions.  Shot breakdowns are a must, showing each light placement building up to the final image composition.  Any examples of SSS and procedural shading would be an advantage. 

Be Bold!

Send CVs and showreels to: