No matter how simple or complex a topic, it's always made easier to explain with animation.


What is an explainer video?

Animation is brilliant at making mundane topics come to life with captivating imagery that really can speak a thousand words. The brain has evolved to favour visual learning, after all vision has been around longer than language, which makes an animated presentation a lot more effective and far more memorable.

It's not just what is being presented, it’s how it’s being presented, that counts!


Having time to learn

A visual analogy or animated diagram can illustrate a point in seconds, which is great when you’re living in a world where people have less and less time. Digestible videos enable people to learn at their own convenience.


Bringing down learning barriers

What works for a child may not work for adults and vice versa. Animation can cater to all ages simultaneously and because images are universally understood language needn’t be a barrier either.


Internal communication

Large businesses frequently face the challenge of communicating complex information with their entire workforce, sometimes 1000+ people. This can be exasperated for a global business when different sites communicate in different languages. Animation offers a clear and concise solution with explainer videos by giving information in visually interesting ways with the ‘universal language’ of pictures instead of words.

Social Media

Social media has transformed how people communicate in all walks of life. They’re an open platform for explainer videos and thus brand awareness, product awareness and CSR goals. An explainer video offers an engaging outlet for businesses to show what they offer, how they operate and what they stand for.


You can buy a 60 second animation for £1000 if you make cost effective choices, which is why we always offer to plan your animation with you to avoid costly mistakes.

Put simply, the cost is determined by the duration of the video and its contents. To try and make life easier we have put together a price guide with a ballpark rate over three categories; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

If you’re still unsure just pop by, drop us an email or give us ring.

For more information about costing, click here.