Animation can help overcome Language and reading barriers, and cognitive impairment


supporting people with low health literacy

43% of working adults in the UK cannot understand text-based healthcare information (instruction manuals, web pages, medical journals). The number increases to 61% when numerals are added to the information. In general, poorer understanding of medical information is associated with higher mortality. So a vast proportion of the UK population are not understanding the information shared with them.

It's not just what is being presented, it’s also how it’s being presented, that counts!


Overcoming Health Literacy barriers

A 2015 study of 231 people explained how much information is retained by people of high and low health literacy, and the impact of using animation. when questioned afterwards, participants with low health literacy were able to recall as much information as those with high health literacy, when information was given in the form of animation with voice overs. Under all other test conditions (verbal, text-based) high health literate individuals recalled more information that people with low health literacy.


Educating Staff

Educating staff is a constant process of learning, reviewing and updating. This is time-consuming and can be seen as a low priority when other staffing pressures also need to be managed. Animated, engaging videos can be watched at a time and place convenient for both management and staff. Staff become motivated to learn and are happy to engage with the training process. We work with our customers to ensure all training and information meets national and local standards. Animation can offer bite-sized videos people can watch with convenience on a tablet or smartphone.


Public Health Messages

Animated videos are the most eye catching and accessible videos on the internet - a great tool for spreading awareness. 44.1 million people use the internet every day. Statistics from the US suggest that 80% of internet users have searched for health-related topics online. The best videos use strong visual imagery to make their point whilst staying between 60-90 seconds. This not only creates communication which people are happy to engage with, but encourages them to watch more than once, reinforcing and reviewing learning.


Motivating children

It's not uncommon for children to be put in a position where they need to become more independent taking their own medication, particularly with the rise in chronic conditions such as diabetes. A different approach is required for children as they won’t necessarily recognise the severity of their condition and often need additional motivation. Extra emphasis must be put on the presentation of their instructions, with engaging content that can hold their attention and stick in their memory. Animated stories, games or explainer videos can make a real difference in how a child approaches self-medicating, self-care, diet and lifestyle advice.



A lot of chronic health conditions can now be treated at home with various self-medication programs available. This does mean that the presentation of instructions has become crucial for safe and effective treatment and medication management. It's very important that information is presented in an easy-to-understand fashion. Initial patient education often occurs after an acute crisis when patients and carers are still in a shocked state.  Animation provides both a strong visual and audible explanation of exactly what patients and carers need to do and can be accessed online to review and refresh knowledge as often as needed.


You can buy a 60 second animation for £1000 if you make cost effective choices, which is why we always offer to plan your animation with you to avoid costly mistakes.

Put simply, the cost is determined by the duration of the video and its contents. To try and make life easier we have put together a price guide with a ballpark rate over three categories; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

If you’re still unsure just pop by, drop us an email or give us ring.

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