Today as I was coming home from the C&W Animation Studio this animated mascots orange caught my eye at a bus stop in Stoke-on-Trent.


What’s impressive is that the poster doesn’t need to tell you anything about who that arm belongs to, you already know!  It encompasses one of the many benefits of having an animated marketing campaign.


There is much more to this than initially appears.  A good mascot embodies a company brand not just through coherent colour schemes and design but by adopting a brands personality.


It's as though the spirit, beliefs and philosophy of a brand are bottled up and used to bring a living, breathing character to life.  This character then becomes a walking, talking, living version of the brand.  Every message he delivers, he delivers in the correct tone.  He is designed around your brand colours and can quickly become as iconic as any logo or company header you may have.


Another benefit often forgotten is the longevity of marketing mascots. Whilst we all age, animated mascots stay the same.  Actors get old, slogans come and go but animated mascots stay with us. They can enter the public psyche at a very young age and stay with us for a life time. This creates a strong bond between the brand and its consumers.  Over the years a character will earn instinctual familiarity and trust.


Businesses such as Disney, Michelin and Kellogg's have all outlived their founders.  Despite this, the universal mascots they began with live on, preserving a coherent part of the company's spirit and taking it forward into the future.


Thoughts by

Gary Carse