When you ask a brand what their priority is chances are Search Engine Optimisation is going to be top of the list. It directly affects the visibility of a website or webpage in a search engine. When we think of SEO all we think about is Google, because it's the world’s largest search engine.  Not many of us know which search engine comes in second place.  You may or may not be surprised to learn that it is, in fact, YouTube.


With more than a billion users watching more than six-billion hours of content every month, YouTube is one of the most exciting social networks around.  Despite this, there are still some businesses who aren’t utilising this tool. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs are all undoubtedly beneficial to a brand.  The process of collecting followers and creating engaging content has been well and truly mastered.  What companies don’t realise is that the same process can also be applied to YouTube with incredible success.


Just as you would develop a strategy for posting themed or branded content on Facebook or Twitter, the same applies for YouTube.  So what are the benefits of introducing your brand to another platform? We’ve outlined a few below.

Easily shareable

By creating engaging content and posting on a regular basis your brand can build a valuable following of fans.  They will not only engage with your content but can easily share it too. YouTube make it incredibly simple for users to share and view videos on all major social media platforms, including websites. Videos and animated content are far more appealing than images, so the chances of fans actually sharing your content are increased.


International coverage

Facebook don’t make it easy for brands to reach out to their target audience - unless you put a lot of money behind a post! That means reaching out to a wider audience and attracting potential new customers can be quite tricky. With YouTube you need only set up a channel for your brand.  Think carefully about your SEO and soon just about anybody in the world can stumble across is. It’s also much easier to get your video content ranking higher on search engines than it is a website or blog.


Animated content

As we have mentioned before, animated content is better received than text or a simple image. Creating animated content through an animation studio or production company and sharing it on YouTube could help increase the success of a campaign tenfold. Animated content will not only help you stand out but also enables you to cram in far more information than a single picture. With post size limitations on social media, being able to share a link to an animation packed full of content is the perfect scenario for a brand. You'll even have space left for a hashtag!


With an average of one-billion interactions a day on YouTube and fans uploading more than forty-million new videos, the time has come to stop avoiding this vibrant channel. If you’re considering starting to post on YouTube but are unsure of which type of animated content you should be posting, please do get in touch: info@caresandwaterman.com.


Thoughts by

Daniel Waterman