Pumpkin carving is a tradition our studio!  Everyone is given a pumpkin and a selection of tools whilst we all watch bizarre horror films - last night was “Doom” and “Wolfcop”.  Pumpkin carving is always enjoyed and can become quite competitive between our artists.  You might not realise that something as simple as pumpkin carving can display some basic traits of marketing.


Looking at the range of pumpkins we created last night it’s clear which of our team are most creative.  Everyone fought to create the most unusual and interesting pumpkins so theirs would stand out the most.  Isn’t this the ultimate goal for marketing?Our team all had the same tools available to them, so they had to think outside the box (or pumpkin) to create something unique.  The difference between marketing campaigns is always about the ideas and execution as usually everyone has access to the same tools.  Working like this is something the Carse & Waterman team are of course very used to.  Pumpkin carving is great for creative expression as there are no boundaries or goals.

We pride ourselves on having a wonderful creative team so our pumpkins were never going to be boring.

Thoughts by

Daniel Waterman