The John Lewis advert has became somewhat of a British tradition.  It’s hot on the heels of the Coca Cola Christmas Truck that symbolises the start of Christmas for so many of us.  As soon as nights start drawing in and leaves begin to fall, people start questioning when the John Lewis advert will be released.  Its build-up is similar to that of the latest movie blockbusters.

For the past few years John Lewis has taken advantage of animation and special effects to bring their heart-warming ideas to life.  We’ve seen a snowman fight the elements to get his girlfriend a new scarf.  In 2013 we saw the beautifully created full 2D animation ‘The Bear and the Hare’.


(Image: John Lewis 2013 ‘The Bear and The Hare’’)

Who could forget Monty the penguin?  This animation saw a boy with his CGI pet penguin in the run up to Christmas.  The cute little penguin became so popular that the soft toy version sold out instantly in John Lewis stores.  Everyone connected so well with this 3D computer generated character, it’s a real testament to the animators and artists behind the project.

(Image: John Lewis 2014 ‘Monty the Penguin’)

In 2015 they put a man on the moon!  This year they have released an advert entitled ‘Buster the Boxer’.  It is a story of a dog watching wild animals playing a trampoline (a child's gift) on Christmas Eve.

(Image: John Lewis 2016 ‘Buster the Boxer’)

Buster becomes so excited seeing how much fun the other animals are having that he can’t wait to have a go in the morning.  As soon as the gift is revealed to the child Buster runs in to have a go first.  None of these animals could have been created without full CGI and 3D animation.

(Image: John Lewis 2016 ‘Buster the Boxer’)

Animation helps to bring the magic of Christmas to life in a way nothing else can.  This is the time of year for the unbelieveable to become believable.  Do you want to see a reindeer fly? Animation can make that happen!

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