(Image: The Lego Batman Movie, 2017 Warner Bros.)

Animated films are popular with all audiences across the world and the industry constantly works hard to improve and perfect the art. Recently the latest film trailer for the Lego Batman movie has been released, a follow up spin-off to the popular 'The Lego Movie' released back in 2014. 

Although the trailer does not reveal too much of the storyline, it does show us the detail and effort gone into the animation for the film. Noticeably all the clips that we've been presented with, feature a great blend of colours that are pleasing to the eye, combined with great use of lighting to boost that overall comic book look and feel. 

The Lego Batman Movie presents a fun take on the classic DC franchise using a blend of quality animation and comedy.  It should be a film worth keeping an eye out for when it hits cinemas in 2017.

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