Being Stoke's only Animation Studio we take a large responsibility to work with the youth of Stoke. We have an open door policy on work experience. We believe that Stoke has a real creative opportunity to compete with London and other UK creative hubs. In relation the geographical location, cost of work and living quality is much easier to sustain. One of my favourite savings is that it only costs £5 to go to the cinema in Stoke, rather than £15 in London where I grew up! 

Stoke is an area where creativity can thrive and we hope the City of Culture 2021 bid will help showcase that but we want to play a part in raising local aspirations and increasing creative jobs. One of the largest problems locally is creative talent. As a company we have to train our own employees as we struggle to find people who have the skills we need.  

We really want to work with locals and help make sure Stoke creates new generations of creatives. This is why tomorrow we will be present at "Your Future Careers Fair" at Kings Hall, Stoke. 

Please do come along and say hello and for more information head to: 

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