Most retailers have finally released their Christmas adverts for this year.  They’re all fighting to be the most talked about and have the biggest impact on their market.  It definitely seems to have become a competition and I’m certainly not going to complain, after all, most seem to be done using some sort of animation or special effects.

My favourite this year has to be Aldi’s offering of ‘Kevin the Carrot’.  It’s the story of a plucky young carrot who really wants to meet Santa Claus.

(Image: Aldi 2016 ‘Kevin the Carrot’)

He decides the best way to do this is to get to Santa’s mince pie on the other side of the room.  The animation is accompanied by a clever poem as Kevin ventures across the hazardous dinner table spread.  Upon reaching the mince pie he lies down on the plate for a nap so he’s wide awake when Santa arrives.

(Image: Aldi 2016 ‘Kevin the Carrot’)

Kevin somehow sleeps through Santa arriving and instead finds himself flying through the sky after being placed on a reindeer's antler.  He doesn’t seem to mind as he carries on his adventure into the night.

(Image: Aldi 2016 ‘Kevin the Carrot’)

It’s a great piece of marketing and animation from Aldi.  You can’t help but love the little carrot and his perseverance.  Oh and Stoke gets a mention too so what’s not to like!?


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