The Manchester Animation Festival is a great celebration of the animation industry.  It's a reminder of the passion and enthusiasm of our industry and a great opportunity to meet animation students keen to network.

I was lucky enough to be present at an interview with Peter Lord and David Sproxton of Aardman Animation.  This was followed by a presentation of their animation fellowship award. Watching Peter and David I was reminded that this industry giant Aardman was started by two people in a house in Bristol. 

It was a great reminder of the humble beginnings of even the biggest animation studios and a great example for students and proffesionals to follow.  Very often people expect things to happen instantly.  Aardman are celebrating their 40th birthday this year.  It's sometimes unfathomable to imagine how they became the large studio we know today.  In reality, the Aardman we know today took many years, many lucky breaks and huge talent to get where they are today.

This information is such a crucial industry insight when you are looking at setting up your own company .  It's a great example of where the right people, right place and right time can take you.

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