'Sausage Party' is an animated film that was released in August this year.  Like most people my interest was initially grabbed by the trailer.  It's very much an animated film taking on a Pixar / Dreamworks style, a style we're used to seeing for children's films.  When the trailer begins it plays up to this genre with happy smiling food living in a supermarket waiting to be chosen.  As a viewer first watching this trailer I had entirely assumed this was a film for children - it definitely is not!  Halfway through things turn bad and the food realise that life outside the shop isn't it's all cracked up to be.

(Image: Sausage Party 2016 trailer)

Despite fully intending to go see the film in the cinema time just moved too fast and I accidentally missed it.  However it has now been released on DVD so I was able to catch up.  Well, what can I say?  It was even more 'adult' than I was expecting!  It's a very explicit view of the hidden sex, drugs and rock & roll lifestyle of food.  

What hit me most though as someone who works in animation was how good the film looked. Canadian company 'Nitrogen Studios' were responsible for the visual effects and I think they did a fantastic job to pull it out the bag.  It really managed to capture that high-end computer animation that we are used to seeing from companies like Pixar.  Despite being created with a comparatively low film budget it definitely does not look cheap.  

(Image: Sausage Party 2016 trailer)

Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, the films directors, wanted to prove that animation is not just for children - they have absolutely achieved this.  CGI and 2D animation is a medium that can be used for anything you would do with traditional video / camera footage.  In fact often it can be used so much more effectively as you no longer have the constraints of the real world to worry about.

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