As we get closer to the 5th of November and many of us stock up on fireworks this year, I have found it very interesting to look at the advertising of fireworks.

For obvious reasons fireworks are not advertised on TV and any other obvious outlet, so that begs the question; how as a consumer do we know what to pick when we walk into the a supermarket, fireworks shop or shop online ?

I wanted to look more into this, and the first place I looked left me with so many questions I didn’t look any further. I used google to search fireworks and this took me to the website Their website seemed as you would expect for a firework company, with lists of various fireworks, but something very interesting sat on the front page.

On their front page was an image that can be seen consistently through all their social media. This is an image of Stephen Hawkin surrounded by a large amount of fireworks with text above the image reading: "Question: Where does the world's most intelligent man buy his fireworks from” and underneath the picture it read: “Answer:”

I find this incredibly intriguing as a campaign. Why would you use Stephen Hawkin selling Fireworks without saying “Big Bang”  ? Is that an actual photo or is it photoshopped? -and is that the point?

Thinking about this image front and centre on the Epic Fireworks website and social media, I couldn't quite decide if the image was real, and my honest initial reaction was “it doesn’t feel like something that would be genuine” (especially looking at the poor image, lighting and font). Having dug deeper and seeing multiple blog posts of their work with Stephen Hawking I now believe it is real and fantastic. I think the importance of this clarification dictated how I reacted to the advertisement.  But I imagine without the context and with a normal amount of cynicism, this marketing could go very wrong.

What was your initial reaction to the marketing image ? Did you question if it was genuine? - and if you felt it wasn’t would you think differently about the company ?

Let me know your thoughts!

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