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Jingle all the way is a Christmas film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad, portraying the characters Howard Langston and Myron Larabee.  These are two dads fighting to get the year’s top trending toy “Turbo Man” for their child in time for Christmas. The film represents one of the funniest and frustrating aspects of the Christmas season, the Christmas shopping.  Whilst most people would plan ahead and buy the latest trend before it's sold out, Howard (Schwarzenegger) forgets to buy the toy and makes a last minute effort to get the toy in time for Christmas.

Why is it so good? I feel a film starring Hollywood’s greatest Austrian actor wanting to buy a toy for his kid which then sends him on a long-winded adventure encountering various different obstacles is great.  Each scenario gets more extravagant as the story progresses, all to just get an action figure named “Turbo man”.  It really brings the humour to the Christmas shopping traditions that are held every year and a great reminder of the power of  Intellectual Property during christmas. Overall 'Jingle All The Way' is a great family fun movie to watch with the family at this time of the year. 

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