The thing about most corporate communication is there is no attempt to make it look fun but it doesn’t need to be that way. It sounds obvious but people will prefer to read, watch and interact something if they are enjoying it.

Animation is used very often for education, it’s fun and a good way to communicate but with education and communication fun can take a back seat but good communication should often keep its message in the background I refer you to John Lewis Christmas adverts.

There are many educational apps and educational animations that are basically glorified quizzes but imagine if Angry Birds taught children numeracy or  Peppa Pig taught children grammar. When working with clients we always look at the key engagement factor as the most important role of any video.

This means that everything that we make needs to sit well and be interesting to anyone watching it. We always consider how it might look if you don’t speak English or how it will work if you watch without sound.  

If a video isn’t interesting it doesn’t matter what message you are trying to get across you will fail.

At the moment we are midway through working for a large selection of health and safety videos for a large engineering company and each video is its own Looney Tunes style animated short, you could sit a young child in front of these video’s and they would be as entertained as an adult.

And only once you have everyone’s attention and they are enjoying what they are seeing it’s then that you find an opportunity to get your message across.    

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