It's that time of year where we find ourselves looking back at 2016 thinking 'where did all that time go? I had such big plans but what happened?'. 

It's January so it's the perfect time to be sure you make the best of 2017. This is the year that Del Boy spoke about, the year that finally we all will become millionaires - or so we like to believe! 

How can you use animation to show yourself as someone fresh, engaging and confident? 

1. 3D Printing

Animation has the benefit of creating powerful branding with mascots and characters, that can then turn your brand in to marketable product.

Consider characters like the meerkats from Compare the Market, or Kevin the Carrot from the Aldi Christmas Campaign. There is now a much bigger picture and marketing is no longer a single strand strategy but an omnichannel experience. 

If you have a 3D animation you can then also easily and cheaply get your characters and props 3D printed.  Having your characters brought to life can become just another part of your customer experience. 


2. Animated Health and Safety Videos

Customers are now more interested in overall company ethics then ever before. This is why it's important to invest in your staff in a fun an engaging way. Using animation to communicate important messages shows your staff you care enough to create something they actually want to watch. This kind act then translates to customers through having happy staff, as well as something the customers can also enjoy watching as standalone entertainment pieces. 


3. Internal Communications

As shown by Compare the Meerkat anything can be made interesting with animation. This is a great tool to have! Any internal communication including sales reports, product breakdowns and service feedback can be illustrated in simple and engaging ways. This can then also be seen by consumers and showcase the care and quality of your internal process, highlighting good communication and improving brand trust.


4. Whiteboard +

Ten years ago having a film on your website was a great way to make sales. A few years ago whiteboard animation became very popular. The fickle nature of the way we work does mean that over time these methods of communication to get old and less effective.

Whiteboard animations are not as effective as they once were. However, advanced technology now allow us to create a 3D whiteboard experience with high-quality images that remove the tedium of standard whiteboard animation.


5. Virtual Reality and New Media

Early adopters of technology very often have to take a risk but with risk can come reward. VR, or Virtual Reality, is still in an early phase waiting for corporate collaborations to develop the technology. If you can think of fun and unique ways to use the technology you have a great way of standing out from competitors.  

Content driven marketing is incredibly powerful and crucial alongside any social media or customer driven marketing plan. Have you thought about how you could use fun and exciting animation to engage with new markets?

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