95% of 18-34 year olds with social media accounts will follow a brand online*. 

Brand marketing begins by understanding your market audience. Once you have that defined you then need to decide how your audience are most likely to follow your brand.

Very often this engagement can be via social media but how can social media help you? 

Imagine you're reading through a newspaper, there are many pages of text and images so you only read the articles that interest you and that are relevant. How do you decide which articles to read? You need to have a filter so it tends to come down to keywords in the headlines and images.

Scrolling through social media you have the same dilemma. What do you decide to interact with and what do you ignore?

To make yourself stand out I suggest the key questions for social media success come down to; what's your personality? Is it eye-catching? Will our demographic like it?

If you find a way to tick all those boxes you will give yourself a good chance of standing out.

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(*Source: MarketingSherpa)