It was Pancake Day yesterday but some people are just not satisfied with the regular, round shape we're all used to.  They instead take this opportunity to showcase their talent in brilliant, batter-based creations.

Pancake artists use normal pancake batter but add food colouring so they can make anything their heart desires - everything is fully edible!  Squeezy bottles are used to help aim the mixture where it’s needed.

I first came across this unusual art form on YouTube by user ‘TigerTomato’.  He re-created Ariel, one of my favourite Disney Princesses.  It’s fascinating to watch the step-by-step process.  The art is done on a hot plate rather than your usual kitchen frying pan.  

First finer details are drawn in line art form, such as the eyes and mouth.  The smaller areas are then filled in, progressively moving up to larger and larger areas until the entire piece is covered.  The dough is then left to cook for a little while. 

Finally the pancake is flipped over and the final piece is revealed!

(Screengrab taken from the 'TigerTomato' YouTube channel)

Watch the full video here:

I have to admit, although I enjoy watching this unusual craft I’m really not sure I have the patience for it.  I’d really rather spend my time eating them!

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