Here at Carse and Waterman characters can’t get up and walk on their own and that’s where we can help.

For iMe to walk we need to draw everything single movement in order for him to start moving, however this can be complicated from time to time. To simply the walk cycle we first draw 4 key poses which iMe’s walk cycle will revolve around. 

Our first pose is Contact, one foot on the ground the other foot ‘contacting’ the ground.

Our second pose is Down our, ‘contacting’ is now down on the ground it is also the foot balancing the weight of the rest of the body.

Following up this is the third pose, Passing is simply the legs passing each other.

The final pose is Up, as in the alternative foot lifting ‘up’ ready to ‘contact’ the ground and then repeat the cycle.

With these solid key poses established, we then draw the gradual movements that are in between these key poses, these are refered as “In-Betweens” 

After plenty of tweaking and careful drawing, you’ll soon have an animation of a iMe walking!

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