Animation isn’t limited to telling fictional stories.  

A year ago Peter Rosen, a photographer and digital artist from Sweden, decided to create an animation showing planet Jupiter in all its glory.  For many years Jupiter and its well-known Great Red Spot have been a fascination for both amateur and professional astronomer alike. 

He reached out to 91 amateur astronomers asking them to point their telescopes towards Jupiter and capture as many photos as possible.  This was done between December 2014 and March 2015 - a total of 102 days.

Getting a fantastic response he ended up receiving thousands of images.  Rosen then had his work cut out to piece them together into a timelapse.  He ended up creating 54 complete maps of the Jupiter's surface.

Watch ‘A Journey to Jupiter’ here.

Space has always been a secret obsession of mine so anything that combines planets and animation was always going to get my thumbs up!

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(Images from 'A Journey to Jupiter')