It's motion graphics fever at Carse and Waterman!

We recently tested a new method of motion graphic animation and I'd like to demonstrate some of the effects we used. If you have read any of my previous blog posts you'll know I'm a big fan of Maya's new MASH toolkit. MASH is a procedural toolkit for animating a large volume of objects quickly and with full control.

First lets take a look at the ground, the first part of our animation. First we need a mesh to duplicate, we can duplicate any object or a range of objects but this typically works best with simple geometric meshes. I'll demonstrate this with 5 cubes of differing colour.

Next we duplicate them in a 25x25 grid pattern. We can change the order that the bricks are placed, with this we can create interesting patterns, or could use random block placement.

The next step is to modify the position of the blocks from their initial position. We are going to rotate the blocks, move them upwards, and shrink them down. Then we can use a falloff object to control this effect. Here is a spherical object, with an inner and outer sphere. The inner sphere represent full effect, and this fades off toward the outer sphere. The result is an effect where the cubes disappear and reappear.

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