An array of fresh anime for 2017 gives a wealth of opportunities for directors help flush out brand new anime’s and stories to grip people on there seats. 

One that has brought a big fan base has no dynamic plot or serious tones.  Unlike the last anime I blogged about (RE:Zero) this anime goes all out being completely hilarious and slapstick. The anime I speak of is 'Kobayashi-San Chi no Maid Dragon'.


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Based on the 2013 manga of the same name created by Coolkyoushinja.  In its quirky crew of main characters we follow Kobayashi.  

On a drunken walk Kobayashi bumps into a dragon who is injured. Helping the dragon out it turns out it's called Tohru, who can turn into a girl and wants to become the maid of Kobayashi.  Then all hell breaks loose, from destroying things, to eating dragon tail, to bringing her dragon friends to a party - it's hilarious and full of jokes everyone can enjoy.

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It has a flare that makes it stand out from the crowd. Its simple style towards line-art and colour (particularly the highlights) is something that has started to influence my art style.  It helps push me to be comfortable with my own style.  

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