So I was recently given the opportunity to teach a student the fundamentals of animation, since the guy who should have been teaching him (*cough* Gary) decided to disappear into the country or something.  The first thought that ran through my mind was one of apprehension, it wasn't the first time that I've taught someone, but it was the first time that I had to teach someone how to animate from scratch. 

But what the hell, I have nothing to lose but my time right?

Well I'm glad to say that the intro went surprisingly well. I decided to start with the tried and true "12 Principles of Animation". It was then that I realised that I didn't actually remember all of them. After going through each one I found that I wasn't just teaching, but I was learning. I wasn't exactly learning the principles again but I was learning how to explain them. The process forced me to put my ideas into words and have them make sense to somebody who doesn't know. 

It was a weird experience because I'm of the opinion that I'm not very good at explaining things. Not to toot my own trumpet or anything (although that's exactly what I'm doing) I was quite pleased with the way I handled it. The concepts made sense and I felt that they were easy to understand. I mean, I think it was, who knows?! The student I was teaching was fairly capable anyway so maybe it was all meaningless, maybe I was just wasting my time, maybe nothing matters?

Now I wish I could say that the day ended with me having taught this new-blood everything. That he gave me his everlasting gratitude for imparting this top quality wisdom. The thing is, this happened like 10 minutes prior to me writing this. There's a semi decent chance that this could all go up in flames but hey, what's life without a few ups and downs eh?

Well, time to jump back into the void of uncertainty. I may provide an update but we'll have to hope I don't disappear from the embarrassment of being a wannabe teacher before that.

See you on the flipside reader,