What was your favourite film of 2017?

This question caused quite a stir in the office!  Some people could answer straight away with no hesitation, others umm-ed and ahh-ed trying to pin down just one.

Sian - Beauty & The Beast  
"Growing up I loved the 2D version.  Belle was the Disney princess I related to the most.  Seeing the 2D animation brought to life through CGI helped me re-live those magical moments."

Gary - Boss Baby
"I liked that it was experimental using 2D backgrounds.  It was also creative with the way it brought a kids mind to life.  Good script and good animation."

Rich - Disaster Artist
"I wasn't expecting anything from it.  I when in expecting a normal run-of-the-mill film but was completely surprised.  It was incredible!"

Ash - Blade Runner 2049
"Fantastic.  It was a complete work of art, visually breathtaking.  It played with my mind and my eyes."  (There was more but I needed to censor it...)

(Blade Runner 2049)

(Blade Runner 2049)

Sidd - Molly's Game
"I saw this in December thanks to a surprise screening held for Cineworld members.  Sharp and witty with an incredible female lead.  Jessica Chastain drove the film, she was so charismatic."

Adam - Baby Driver
"I liked the music choices and that everything they chose was in sync with the film.  I could say more but I'd go on forever!"

Dan - ?
"Err...".  I return 10 minutes later.  "Can I pick 10?  I can't possibly narrow it down to one!" ... Cue the next blog post to see Dan's top 10 of 2017!

So what was you favourite film?

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