If you've read previous blog posts, you'll know we are big fans of Linux and open-source. All of our back-end infrastructure is Linux/Unix and has been since we started the company. Our back-end hasn't changed much recently with our servers running a variant of Linux (CentOS) and our networking and storage servers running variants of BSD.

We have started to move towards working under CentOS with all of our 3D pipeline now running under Linux, but our 2D pipeline is still reliant on Windows. The reason for both of these is pragmatic. Our 3D software / pipeline works better under Linux as it handles larger data-sets faster and more reliably than Windows. Windows however works well for smaller file sizes and the software stack for 2D is better. However our artists are unaware of the differences and it has been relatively painless from their perspective. Windows and Linux both provide excellent desktops for users, with most of the software they are reliant on being cross-platform. However from an system administrator perspective Linux works much better for our needs and is easier to manage.