When people think of animated films usually the first thought that comes to mind are works from Disney or Pixar, The Breadwinner is a film that doesn’t come from those companies but definitely deserves to be recognised alongside the masterpieces that have come out of said studios. Created by Cartoon Saloon of Song Of The Sea and The Secret Of Kells fame, The Breadwinner is a nuanced, bittersweet tale set in the arid sands of Taliban occupied Afghanistan. The core of the film revolves around a young girl by the name of Parvana who lives in a harsh authoritarian society that discourages women from venturing out into the public. The events of the film begin to unfold when Parvana’s father is imprisoned for drawing the ire of the Taliban, with no one left to buy food she decides to take matters into her own hands and decides to take on the guise of a boy in order to keep her mother, sister and baby brother alive.


Stylistically the film paints a rather bleak image of Afghanistan, yet the vibrancy of the environments such as the marketplace Parvana frequents is never compromised. The character designs are incredibly appealing and varied while the animation that brings them to life is gorgeous and mind-bogglingly fluid. Cartoon Saloon’s previous work was smooth and stylish, yet despite being prepared for it it was still an absolute treat for the eyes. There’s a great deal of care and attention put into production of this film be it the societal structures that are seen in the setting to the casting choices for the voice actors.

Look our for Part 2 to be posted next week!

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