Today I finish my week's work experience at Carse and Waterman. 

I have been welcomed into a team that's full of life and excitement this week. When I started on Monday I didn't know what to expect due to never being in an animation studio other than at uni before this week but when I got here Sian was here to welcome me in. Plus my friend from uni had just been signed on full time to the team so it was great to catch up with her that break time to see how she was getting on.

I came here to learn more about Producing and what it entails and a lot of it is running around answering phone calls, emails and going to meetings, the amazing things about all of that are being able to see all of the creative ideas and being at the centre point of that problem solving little things that a client may need and putting in your own ideas from experiences you've had on other projects.

Seeing Daniel Waterman in action this week has been quite interesting to see. Interacting with Daniel and getting his opinions on things has also been an amazing insight on just where to go forward in my career. I really wish I could stay here and be a part of this absolutely amazing team. Although I know that is not possible, Daniel has given me great ideas on what to do next to gain more experience and to move forward to get the career I am looking for.

If you ever find yourself looking for a great little animation team to get a little experience from I would always recommend them because they have amazing skills and abilities that anyone could learn from.

An Insight From,