From the outside one would be forgiven for thinking that the 'Mission Impossible' franchise is just a string of your typical run of the mill multi-million dollar action movie. The series which started in 1996 just released it’s sixth film in last month. Somehow despite running for so long and despite the fact that protagonist Ethan Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) is nearly 60 years old, 'Mission Impossible: Fallout' is the best film in the franchise and possibly one of the best spy/action movies in the last decade.

The core conceit of the 'Mission Impossible' series is that it has its characters taking part in awe inspiring globetrotting missions (unsurprisingly) which often don’t work out as as intended, leading the cast to improvise in order to survive. It is this core idea that Fallout capitalizes on and embodies more so than the previous films in the series and it does so with the with confidence and determination. 

Mission Impossible: Fallout can seem intimidating to new viewers who haven’t watched the previous films in the series, but this really isn’t an issue as most of the the information required is explained succinctly, allowing for a smooth viewing experience be it as a fan or a newcomer. 

It isn’t just the spirit of the franchise too that Fallout succeeds in capturing, on a technical level the stunt work and action set pieces are a sight to behold. Once again Cruise took up the role of being his own stunt man and fully committed to his performance which adds a layer of authenticity that you don’t really see in other films. Mission Impossible has raised the bar for  action films as well as long running franchises, here’s hoping we see Tom Cruise again for the inevitable sequel.

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