(Image: copyright Disney ‘The Lion King’)

(Image: copyright Disney ‘The Lion King’)

Walt Disney will be releasing their new live-action / CGI hybrid film ‘The Lion King’ later this month.

The majority of the film is CGI so director Jon Favreau wanted to find a new way of working with 3D animation. Traditional live-action film-making involves pointing a real camera towards what you want to film, tweaking the angle appropriately and going from there. However 3D worlds only exist within a computer, using virtual cameras to set-up a shot. This can make cinematography feel less intuitive, particularly to those more used to live-action.

The solution Favreau and his team came up with was to ‘enter’ these 3D worlds with Virtual Reality headsets. This allowed the team to walk through the 3D environments and tweak the virtual cameras in a way more in-tune with traditional methods.

This sounds like a brilliant way of working, merging the old with the new to get the best of both worlds.

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